Is Your Make-Up Aging You?


With the Christmas holidays fast approaching many of us are getting all “dolled up” for the Christmas party.  OK, so you found the right outfit, great accessories but the daunting thing is applying evening makeup to suit the occasion. Check out these tips for glowing youthful holiday make-up.


One major misconception ladies have as they grow older is the need to apply more and more layers of evening makeup as camouflage. Frankly that’s the biggest mistake one can make. Whatever your age, don’t try to “stop the clock” by gumming up or adding darker glitter makeup. Many times, less is more and as we age if you want to stand out remember this tip!



Eyes should become softer in every aspect as we age. Don’t try doing the dark smoky winged looked on the mature eye as that always looks overdone and enhances wrinkles and creases.  Use lighter shades, blended well such as lighter browns or plums and spend more time on the eyelashes even opting for false lashes, which look fabulous and very sexy and actually enhance the eye shape opening the eyes. We are not trying to assist gravity; we are trying to defy it! If you wear eye liner stop the upper line just before the end of the outer lash as this will create the illusion of lift. Also, go easy on the mascara.

Foundations, concealers and setting powders

Foundations, concealers and setting powders are key for a sexy evening look. If you have an uneven skin tone or dark circles you should always use a concealer under your foundation for a softer even look. Concealers work best when they are the same shade or slightly lighter than your skin tone. Foundations on the other hand should mimic the color and texture of your natural skin. A matte finish absorbs light making the skin look flat so opt for a moisturizing foundation to give the skin a dewy finish which is more flattering and youthful looking. You only need a light dusting of setting powder, too much can make the skin look dry and dull. Keep this to a minimum.



Blush becomes more important after the age of 40. That does not mean one should use more blush than before just that it is key to select the appropriate color. Choose shear shades of pinks and corals as these colors look more natural and tend to soften the face.  Bronzers can be very tricky to use on mature skin and if not use correctly and can make the face look very aged if overused.



Lips can erase a decade from one’s appearance when thoughtful choices are made. Remember dark colors recede, lighter shades create the illusion of fullness. We lose lip volume as we age so the darker the shade the smaller the lips appear. Lining the lips before color application helps to prevent feathering or bleeding of the lipstick. The lip liner should be the same color as the lipstick. Also opt for a moisturizing lipstick and skip the heavy lip gloss. 
Remember...With skillful makeup application, you can hide wrinkles, age spots, and skin damage...So you always look your best!