The Skinny on Lash & Brow Tinting

The Skinny on Lash & Brow Tinting

For those of us who are challenged in the eyelash department and have been a little over zealous with tweezing our eyebrows, there are some things that we can do to help fill in the gaps for our lashes and brows.


Eyelash extensions are a very popular spa service and these extensions can look absolutely beautiful and sexy but it's not for everyone and of course not for the eyebrows. Eyelash & Brow tinting is faster, less costly than extensions, and you can do your lashes and brows at the same time. For safety reasons, you should get them done professionally by a qualified esthetician and call different places for prices and product used. 

How does the process work?

The esthetician should be using a vegetable based semi-permanent dye both on the lashes and brows. Brow tinting starts by applying Vaseline to the skin surrounding the hair to protect the skin and prevent the dye from bleeding onto the skin. Then the tint is painted directly onto the brow. The dye is left on for approximately 10 minutes or longer to achieve the desired darkness, and any residue is gently removed with a wet cloth. Keep in mind, the tint doesn't work like a tattoo. The dye only colors the existing hairs and is not permanent like a tattoo.

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Lash tinting, on the other hand, takes about 20-30 minutes. In addition to applying Vaseline around the eye, a protective pad is placed under the bottom lashes to cover the skin below the pad. After the vegetable tint is applied to the lashes on closed eyes, the dye will set for 7-10 minutes before the aesthetician applies a second coat. The lash pad is removed and the eye area (including the lashes) is wiped clean with wet cotton pads. To ensure no residue seeped inside the eye, the eyes are then rinsed with a saline solution.

Who are the best candidates for a lash and/or brow tinting?

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A brow tint works for everyone. With defined, well-groomed brows, it gives you a thicker style and a more youthful appearance. You should get your brows shaped before applying the dye. The dyes can be customized to any color you want although lash tints work best on people with lighter-colored lashes especially blonde to light brown hair. Many people have lashes that fade at the ends so when they are tinted, they can seem a lot longer and thicker. The treatment is also helpful for on-the-go girls, you can run out the door with no mascara, hit the gym or the beach vacation by the pool and not have to worry about your mascara running or morning raccoon eyes. Also great for individuals who wear contact lenses or are sensitive to mascara products.

How long does this treatment last and is there any maintenance?

Both the eyebrow and eyelash tinting treatment will last about three to six weeks as lashes and brows naturally shed and start a new growth cycle in this time period, so expect to see some fading and eyelash fall out as this is a natural process. Another way to keep up the color is to avoid oil-based moisturizers, cleansers, or wipes they will dissolve your tints faster. As for makeup, you can certainly wear your mascara or brow pencil over your tint.