FAQs Concerning Ossetra Wondrous Earth

Can I use the cleanser and toner with my existing moisturizer?

Yes, if you are happy with your existing moisturizer. There is no reason why you cannot simply add the Gentle cleanser and Iceberg mist toner to your routine. For best results, we would suggest you try our anti-oxidant day cream or our caviar night cream as these four products have been specifically designed to work in perfect harmony.

I suffer from outbreaks of spots, or acne, are these products suitable for me?

Yes. Ossetra products are natural/Organic and are suitable for sensitive skin. The Gentle cleanser is an excellent gentle hydrating cream that will not irritate broken skin, while our alcohol-free Iceberg Mist toner has a PH of 5.0 that will not only over-dry blemished skin but will also neutralize the skin.

What does the seaweed in these natural/organic products do?

Our seaweeds maintains up to 96% of its natural nutrients by using our special drying machine method. Our seaweeds are rich in nutrients and minerals. The seaweeds that we harvest and use are a true treasure of nutritional concentrates. Seaweeds contain amino acids to help firm and renew tissues. They have fatty acids to help increase fluidity of cellular membranes and to fight against inflammation. Seaweed contains beta-carotene to help slow skin’s aging, treat acne and irritated skin, as well as eczema problems.

Are these products tested on animals?

No. Ossetra does not test products on animals. The products are 100% natural/organic based and contain no animal products.

Can the antioxidant cream be used as a make-up base?

Yes, the antioxidant cream won’t clog pores and is an ideal skin preparation prior to make-up application.

Does the antioxidant day cream contain a sunscreen?

The antioxidant day cream contains a natural sunscreen in the form of mineral rich seaweed – a skin softener from the seas of Newfoundland and Labrador. Completely non-toxic, the seaweed extract has been found to have infrared filter qualities, giving a certain amount of natural protection against the sun’s harmful rays without using chemicals (If you are exposing your skin to strong sun, we recommend you use a specific sunscreen lotion of sun bock).

Are parabens used in your products?

No, our Ossetra products use natural and organic preservatives such as essential oils; therefore the skin is totally safe, and free from skin allergies.

Can I use the seaweed serum as a make-up base?

The skin firming seaweed serum is an excellent moisturizing treatment and some people are happy to apply make-up on top of the treatment.

Does the seaweed serum contain any sunscreen?

Yes. The treatment contains a natural built-in sunscreen to protect your skin. However, it is not a sun block or tanning cream and should not be used as such.

Will the Pristine mask set and need peeling off?

No. This is a hydrating mask which feeds and lubricates the delicate facial tissue. It will not set.

What properties does the Ossetra facemask have?

Our Ossetra Pristine Masque properties will help to: * Slow skins aging. * Firms and tones the skin. * Fights against inflammation. * Healing properties for skin problems. * Improves circulation. * Nourishes the skin. * pH 5.0 Iceberg based product.

How often do I need to use the mask?

You can use our Ossetra Pristine masque as often or seldom as you like. Ideally it has been formulated as a twice weekly treatment, however many people find that one treatment per week gives great results improving both skins firmness and renew tissue and visible age.

When I remove the Instant Exfoliant I’m left with little bits on my face. How should I remove the last traces?

The Instant Exfoliant has been designed so that any small traces left after rinsing with luke-warm water can be rubbed gently into the skin. The skin will absorb the cream.

Should I apply any cream after the Ossetra facemask?

You do not need to apply any cream after our Ossetra Pristine facemask. However, many people like to use the seaweed serum treatment after the mask.

Do I need to recline during the Facial Mask treatment?

No. You can use the Ossetra Pristine Masque without taking 10 – 20 minutes to recline and put your feet up but we have found that the mask works most effectively if you do. It also allows you to unwind and de-stress and will aid in the circulation to the skin on your face as the mask gets to work.

Can we retail the product from our spa?

Yes. This is a fantastic natural/organic product and will boost your retail sales tremendously. It has a unique Iceberg water base formula that no other skin care line has in the world.

Why is it beneficial to counter aging?

Our products contain beta-carotene which helps to slow down the skin’s aging.

Are there any side effects?


How long will it take before I see results?

Everyone’s body is different. Some people see results in the 1st week – other take a few weeks. It is important that you stick with the program for at least 3 months to give the products time to renew tissues, slow skin’s aging and firm your skin. Our products help your skin with all the nutritional concentrates.