A product from our “Blue Earth”

I.C. Spa Products Inc. (Iceberg Cosmeceutical) is a natural/organic manufacturer wholesale company that started in September 2005. The company consists of shareholders and a Board of Directors. We are the first natural skincare company to obtain a government issued DFO license for quality assurance and quantity control. We currently sell spa products to spas, salons, gyms, wellness centers and natural food facilities in Canada and the USA. I. C. Spa Products is the owner of Ossetra wondrous earth & Okowita iceberg wodka which specialize in exclusive facial and body skincare products that serves both women and men of any nationality. Our products are made with natural indigenous ingredients derived from the earth and sea such as Iceberg water, seaweed, berries, birch sap and glacial mud just to name a few. We strive to combine our natural raw ingredients to make products consumer friendly, easy to use and bring the spa experience to a new level. Ossetra believes in an all natural/organic skincare line conceived and formulated from natural molecules.
Our natural chemist has established that wild natural molecule ingredients are the most effective for the body. Therefore, in order for a product to be most effective, its ingredients need to be natural. Ossetra ingredients can restore purity and alignment on a molecular and natural cellular level because the skin recognizes the ingredients. Therefore, the nutrients can deliver deep into the cell structure and these are ingredients your body recognizes and can benefit from.

I.C. Spa promotes whole health, and its innovative, go green, high quality products are for fine spas, wellness centres, gyms and the health conscious individual alike. Our company believes in sustainability, through our seaweed harvesting practices, and choices for other ingredients we “protect and connect” with the environment responsibly.


To provide pure and natural skin care products that protect and connect you with nature.