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Ossetra Re-useable Sea Sac

Ossetra Re-useable Sea Sac

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Features: Ossetra uses a unique Newfoundland made Sea Sac in place of plastic or paper bags which is more environmentally friendly and reusable.


Ossetra's Go Green natural Sea Sac contains no stiffeners, preservatives or artificial coloring.  The unique shape gives the sea sac a distinct Newfoundland and Labrador characteristic of a fishing net traditionally used by fishermen. Capture your favorite Ossetra products in our sea sac as a gift or to use on yourself.  


Recommended use: The Reusable Sea Sac can be used for boiling scallops, shrimp and mussels or heating glass bottled food products.  


Recommended personal spa use: The natural net bag is also useful to keep your personal lingerie together during the washing cycle. The net bag stays separate from other clothing while being machine washed.