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Ossetra Seaweed Pepper Spice

Ossetra Seaweed Pepper Spice

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Size: 100g


Features: Our 100% Northern dried seaweed gives any dish an extra added taste.  The fine Seaweed flakes contain no preservatives, oxidation preventing agents, chemical or artificial color.


Our drying technique maintains a high nutritional value to bring you the ultimate flavor and color of seaweed that gets lost in other drying methods.  Seasoned with cracked black pepper our spice creates a savory taste sensation that promises to excite your palete and leave you wanting more. 


Our Seaweed Pepper Spice adds a unique seaweed/pepper flavor to many dishes to which it has been coined as the “Truffle of the Sea”. Ossetra Seaweed Pepper Spice is a great additive to stews, soups, salads, sauces and marinades. 


Very little goes a long way and brings out the rich delicious flavors of even the newest culinary chef.  A healthy spice, will give your favorite dish a unique flavor. Re-sealable packaging.