Shipping Policy

PLEASE NOTE: Our default shipping agent is UPS

  • UPS will use Purolator in certain rural areas.

  • Due to high UPS surcharges for certain rural areas, which are not reflected in the online shipping quote, I. C. Spa Products Inc. has the right to change the courier for your order to Canada Post.

  1. In any case possible we pass on any discounted rates to you, our customer. Please note that your shipping cost is calculated on-line using an integrated UPS shipping module, using the annual negotiated discounted rates. Our UPS online quotes are estimates based on weight, size and volume calculations. We reserve the right to change the shipping charges if necessary. If this occurs you will be contacted for approval before your order is processed.

  2. Orders are shipped from our central warehouses. We currently ship ground courier to all provinces/states in North America.

  3. I. C. Spa Products Inc. takes no responsibility for any loss, damages, or delay that may occur during shipping. Similarly, we must be notified if you are requesting additional insurance. Without notification we ship products without insurance. Please note that transporters often do not heat their trucks in winter, nor refrigerate them in summer. This may harm the integrity of the product. Simply leave the product at room temperature for 24 hours before opening. Occasionally, stirring the product before use will be required to regain its consistency.

  4. We currently do not require orders to be signed when delivered. However should customers want the signature required option, a fee of $10.00 will be charged by Canada Post.

  5. Additional Charges: If you call Canada Post to re-direct your parcel to another address OR if your address is input incorrectly or missing information and requires a Canada Post update - there will be a Canada Post charge between $10-$15 which will be billed to the customer.

  6. Alternative shipping method are available on request, however we take no responsibility for shipping that is arranged by our customers. This includes the following:
    • Customers using their own shipping account
    • Customers using their own courier
    • Customers arranging for a third party to facilitate shipping.

  7. Should a customer decide to handle their own shipping arrangements, we require that a WAIVER be signed. This ensures that we aren't held accountable for any shipping issue outside of our control; similarly, in the event that we receive a shipping related invoice under these conditions, it will authorize us to process the customer's credit card. Please note that in all instances where payment is required, a copy of the invoice will be forwarded with receipt for payment. I. C Spa Products Inc. takes no responsibility for any loss, damages, or delay that may occur. Similarly, we must be notified should additional insurance be required. Without notification we ship products without insurance.

  8. Essential Oils/Extracts are classified as Hazardous Goods when shipped by air. Because of this only ground shipments are available for essential oils/extracts. Express shipments (Air) are available at cost on bottles and raw materials.

  9. We notify our customers for out-of-stock items. If we do not hear back from them within 2 business days, their orders will be shipped as-is and the balance will be refunded to them by the original method of payment. Out-of-stock items will not be automatically shipped NOR will it be shipped later when the stock is replenished. Regular ordering policies will apply.

  10. For environmental reasons, packing slips will not be shipped with any order. Customers are encouraged to use the emailed invoice as a guide instead.


As of July 1st 2010, no company in Ontario will be tax exempt. Customers in provinces that participate in HST will be charged their respective rates:

  • Newfoundland & Labrador – 15%

  • Nova Scotia - 15%

  • Prince Edward Island - 14%

  • New Brunswick - 13%

  • Ontario - 13%

Order Cancellations

Because our orders are processed so quickly, orders cancelled after they have been filled will be charged a 20% restocking fee. The actual amount of time will vary depending upon the season, but in most cases the order will have undergone processing in less than three hours.