Andrea Kemp

I read your article in the Globe & Mail on I. C. Spa Products Inc. (Iceberg Cosmeceutical) Ossetra brand and wanted to comment on what a fantastic job you have done on Research & Development.
I am an Aesthetician & have been using the entire Ossetra product line on myself as well as my clients at my place of work.  My clients love the results and the fact that the Ossetra product line is all natural & free of chemicals/parabens.  I also think the products are thoughtful, consumer-centric and reassures us that the manufactures in our world of skincare are still listening.  Keep up the fabulous work.
Best Regards,
Andrea Kemp

Elaine Dobbin

I was first introduced to Ossetra Wondrous Earth products 1 1/2 years ago. Relaxing in a bath with Seaweed Sachets, true to its word, does melt away tension and invoke euphoria. It leaves me with a sense of ease and encouragement. Blueberry Boost Powder is a must in any smoothie! I add two teaspoons to my smoothie for an extra burst of flavour and energy. Ossetra Wondrous Earth Products are a wonderful compliment to your skin care regimen.

Lynda Boyd

As an actress of a “certain age” I am forever seeking a line of skincare that can help me look my best in front of today’s unforgiving HD cameras, where every flaw is magnified and exposed.  Make up can only do so much.  The Ossetra line of skincare is the purest, most effective line I’ve tried EVER, bottom line.  The bonus is it is all natural, made from the purest raw ingredients including iceberg water, seaweed and caviar to name a few.  These products are world class and I feel lucky to have them as part of my beauty regime.

Mimi Carew

I have been singing my entire life and am thrilled to do so for you. As an entertainer, looking and feeling your best is very important, so I am excited to introduce Ossetra, an amazing skin care line I use, to my fans. Developed from my home province of Newfoundland, it truly is a WONDROUS earth.