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Award Winning Skincare Products
Globe and Mail Iceberg Skincare
​​The Globe & Mail


Seaweed, caviar, berry extracts and iceberg water: That is the recipe for success for a spa company that has moved from local to international markets with their locally-produced, environmentally-friendly skin-care line.


The Spa Spies Guide Review Ossetra
The Good Spa Guide


​Softly scented with orange oil, and packed with other natural ingredients (including water from icebergs, the purest in the world, apparently), this product doesn't come with any loftier claims than to refresh, balance and cleanse. It certainly did all three.

Award Winning All Natural Skincare Brand
LNE & Spa's 2011 Best

​The Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Awards Gala Dinner evening was filled with excitement and glamour as some of the industries most respected and well-known names and media came together to acknowledge their peers.

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