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Natural Newfoundland Products

Natural Ingredients

Utilizing Earth's Bounty...


We use only natural ingredients, many of them erthically sourced right here in Newfoundland & Labrador. We know that you care deeply about what goes into your cosmetic products, and our promise to you is to provide you with a completely natural product that you and your skin will love!

Made With Pure Iceberg Water


The purity of the icebergs that drift along the coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador every spring is preserved, inside the ice for centuries almost suspended in time.


These mighty icebergs take thousands of years to form and many more years to reach the coastline. This water, sheltered from impurities for thousands of years, remains the purest water source in the world, melting with each passing mile to become one with the ocean.


Harvesting this rarest of ice, Ossetra® uses this water as the base for its products. The naturally toxin-free base leaves your skin more hydrated, pure and smooth to the touch.

All Natural Seaweed Ingredients


Underneath the dancing waves of the North Atlantic are beds of seaweed left untouched by man, their long leaves beckoning in the gentle lull of the currents.


It is here in this idyllic cocoon that Ossetra® finds its seaweed. Carefully chosen by hand, small quantities of this beautiful ocean flora are trimmed and brought home to land to become part of Ossetra®'s family of products.


The richly colored seaweeds naturally soften and hydrate the skin instantly renewing its appearance.

Pure Dandelion Natural Ingredient


Newfoundland & Labrador’s ubiquitous plant, also known as Taraxacum Officinale or the dandelion flower; is commonly known to gardeners as a nuisance or pest weed in the spring. But actually, the plant has more unsuspecting health benefits than most of the vegetables grown in their gardens!

Ossetra Wondrous Earth welcomes this flower in the spring as we utilize every aspect of the undercover plant for its medicinal purposes in our natural skincare formulations. Found in the dandelion’s leaves, its flower or even its roots are; vitamins, B complex and minerals which can be used topically for a considerable number of skin disorders.

Natural active ingredients within the Dandelion plant species are very important and because they can help to maintain healthier skin with long-term use; why not revel in those dandy findings?

Made With Real Natural Products


The farther north you travel, the more harmony you will find with the changing seasons. With each passing moon, Mother Nature touches the land, as spring becomes summer and the barrens become lush with flora.


As the summer deepens, the berries grow: first blueberries, followed by partridgeberries, and then cloudberries, all sprinkled without rhyme throughout the marshes and fields. Wild roses blow in the summer breeze and their fragrance is in the air.


At Ossetra®, we wait until these little gifts from Nature have fully ripened and blossomed to their most bountiful before we gently hand-pick them, so they may live on in our products. Their rejuvenating powers have become world renowned, and inspires Ossetra® to use only Nature’s best to offer you a new, organically lush experience.

Miracle Skin Care Treatment


North Atlantic Shrimp are one of the most abundant of over 30 different species of shrimp around the world. They flourish in the deep murky depths off the resourceful coast of Newfoundland between temperatures of two and six degrees Celsius.


This deep-water prawn (Pandalus Borealis) shrimp live in large numbers to depths greater than 150 meters as they prefer an ocean bottom that is soft and muddy.

Ossetra uses the discarded outer hard shell (exoskeleton or carapace) Chitin fiber and its derivative Chitoson in some of our skin care products such as the Oceanaria Facial Masqué, Eye creme, and Hair serum. This naturally versatile substance is non-toxic and non-allergenic.  


Chitin promotes a faster healing time for pre and post facial surgery procedures and is fully biodegradable and therefore environmentally and biologically friendly.

The Best All Natural Ingredients


Deep in the Boreal Forest of Newfoundland and Labrador, a specific species of mushroom, Chaga, can be found growing anytime of the year, particularly in late summer and throughout the fall and primarily after a wet spell.


The Chaga or Inonotus obliquus, a member of the Hymenochaetaceae family and this northern mushroom can be extracted and is mild enough to be used on our skin. It makes the skin soft and as supple as a freshly harvested mushroom.


The extracted betulinic acid works to diminish the presence of wrinkles and lines and makes the skin appear as if it were glowing. In addition, it significantly reduces water evaporation and increases moisture retention on the skin. Therefore, it can be used as a major ingredient within our moisturizing creams, lotions, and masks to increase the moisturizing effects.


We're wild about mushrooms and you will be too after applying our Ossetra Boreal Beauty Crème.

Labrador Tea



The Rhododendron Groenlandicum (Oeder) also called Ledum comes from our landscape in Newfoundland and Labrador which is as vast as it is diverse.  Here, you’ll find Arctic Tundra ancient mountain ranges, lush boreal forests and rugged coastlines that offer a pristine and untouched environment.  


Newfoundland and Labrador is located on the eastern edge of North America where the North Atlantic Ocean is at our doorstep, we are the home to Iceberg Alley.

At the last glacial approximately 18,000 years ago, the Lauren tide Ice Sheet covered most of Canada including Labrador.


Glaciers had an enormous effect on the landscape, smoothing and polishing wide areas, eroding lake basins, and carving deep valleys through mountains.  In the sub-Arctic tundra, the natural wild beauty of the Labrador tea surrounds you at every turn- untouched and immaculate.


This low evergreen shrub has many erect branches and distinctive narrow leaves with rolled-under edges. The stems often appear bent, and the leathery leaves are fragrant with a bitter scent. Numerous small white flowers appear in a loose, umbrella-like cluster very close to the branch tips. The flowers are aromatic, with the scent coming from its oil.


This tea is rich in vitamin C and is used an extract in Ossetras skin care line as well our shampoo and conditioner.

Living Water Pure Birch Sap


Our Newfoundland Birch Sap symbolizes purity and femininity and is also known as “the mother of the forest”.  


On the west coast of our island, the sap within the birch tree begins to stir during the spring of each new year.  Birch sap is a genuine, pure natural product, which flows through the birch tree and brings it back to life after the harsh winters in Newfoundland.


Birch sap embodies what is nature’s own renewable energy cycle. The sap is living water. This health nectar has been found to perform an important and beneficial function for the human body; inside and out. By incorporating birch sap into our Ossetra products it provides an essential epidermal treatment.


The sap promotes the skin to reestablish its normal homeostasis. Birch sap is a natural antiseptic, astringent and disinfectant. It has proven to be a very useful ingredient within products that can treat skin-dermatitis, eczemas and furunculous.  


When you cleanse with our Ossetra Birch Sap Soap or Exfoliating Bar you will not only help to clear skin eruptions but after your bath/shower you will feel totally revitalized.



With each passing spring season, Newfoundland receives a gift from the sea. Capelin fish naturally roll in on our beaches during a time of year when the high north Atlantic tides are rising.


Thousands of capelin expire naturally during this rolling period when they come to the shores to bear their young. As they attempt to return back out to sea, the powerful high tides prevent their escape and the adult capelin sacrifice their lives to ensure a future for their species.


Ossetra harvests the expired capelin and formulates our caviar crème essence. The caviar extract is incredibly healthy for the skin. It effectively impels the skin to regenerate a flawlessly healthy look and feel. Much like human skin, caviar is roughly 50 to 70 percent water based with a similar break-down of lipids and other trace elements.  


Since the cellular format of our caviar extract is similar to human skin, it penetrates the skins barrier quickly, provides essential nutrients more effectively and yield faster results for your skin.  


Our caviar serum supplies the skin with a balanced composition of nutrients to promote naturally beautiful and healthy looking skin.


Our capelin caviar extract is a rich source of minerals which includes vitamins A, D and C complexes.  By using our Ossetra caviar crème essence your skin will become noticeably radiant and show signs of new life.

Best Pure Natural Ingredients



Newfoundland's provincial flower, more commonly known as the pitcher plant, has a precious elixir found at the mouth of its blooming buds. The pretty pitcher plant proudly stands nodding in our bogs, representing our official floral emblem.


This umbrella shaped plant thrives in wet and weepy meadows where our harvesters extract the fluid from the plant just after it blooms during the hotter months of summer.


From June through until August, the flowers contain a sweet fluid that attracts its prey to fall victim inside its pedals. However, not only are insects and wildlife attracted to this nutrient rich elixir, Ossetra is delighted to combine the extract with our Ossetra Facial Serum.


Ossetra is proud to incorporate the Pitcher Plant elixir into our skin care regimen and keep our ingredients firmly based within Newfoundland. This unusual natural compound that we now obtain from the plant's pitcher has been used in the past as a remedy for burns and various skin disorders. This fluid has been found to be an effective anti-fungal agent and could help against human fungal skin infections.


Regardless of your skin type or condition, our serum is hypoallergenic and can be used on a wide range of skin irritations and issues. After using our Ossetra Facial Serum you will notice a brightening and firming effect on the skin, leaving you feeling pretty as a picture!

Ossetra Skin Care Ingredient Statement
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