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Pure Iceberg Water

Why Natural?

Why Anything Else...


What do you get when you mix Iceberg Water, seaweed, whelk¬shell, shrimp and sea cucumber, capelin caviar, summer savory, herbs, berries and glacial mud? Environmentally friendly ingredients for a 100% pure, natural, healthy and highly effective skin care line.

The vast majority of skin care products in the market today are made from synthetic chemicals including many known toxins (parabens, sulfates, pthalates, etc.). Research indicates that the ingredients you put on your skin are as vital as the foods you put in your body. Toxins penetrate the skin, accumulating in the body's organs often causing serious health issues over time.

With recent advances in "green chemistry", it's now possible to go natural without sacrificing efficacy or experience. In fact, carefully formulated natural products outperform conventional synthetics while offering a more subtle, refined experience! Without health risks! Natural ingredients are accepted by the human body and synthesized through the skin more readily as the skin recognizes natural ingredients and responds more positively to non intrusive, chemically based alternatives.

From land to sea Newfoundland and Labrador provides an abundance of potent natural raw ingredient that are heavily infused with nature's antioxidants and nutrients of which the skin can indulge. Because of the northern climate, isolated location and plenty of untouched terrain the purity of the icebergs that drift along the coasts of the island have been preserved inside the ice for centuries; suspended in time. This water is sheltered from pollutants, and remains the oldest, purest water source in the world. Comprising a pH balance of 5.0 to hydrate and neutralize the skin using this water as the base in skin care formulations enhance the efficacy of luxury anti-aging skin care products....the oldest water for the youngest looking skin!

These gifts from nature inspired I. C. Spa products in the creation of 100% pure, healthy, safe and effective skin care lines responsibly harvested and manufactured in Newfoundland and Labrador. It is the first natural skincare line in the world to use Iceberg water and is enjoyed by professional spas worldwide.

Pure Natural Iceberg Water Ingredients
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