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Cajun Sea Pepper Spice

Cajun Sea Pepper Spice

C$75.50 Regular Price
C$56.63Sale Price
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Holiday Sale 2023

Size: 100g


Features: The distinct flavor of Newfoundland and Labrador Seaweed is mixed with the unique Acadian flavor of Cajun to create our one of a kind Ossetra Cajun Sea Pepper Spice.


This extra spicy spice will tingle your taste buds, heighten your culinary awareness and make you the hero of the kitchen. Our Cajun Sea Pepper Spice is a must on the spice rack whether you are a Cajun cook or not.   


Our Ossetra Cajun Sea Pepper Spice gives your grilled meats, soups, sauces, poultry, and meat and fish an added zesty flavor or create your own Cajun secret dish! Re-sealable packaging.

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