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Partridgeberry Burst Powder

Partridgeberry Burst Powder

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Holiday Sale 2023

Size: 100g


Features:  The Ossetra Partridgeberry (Lingonberry) burst powder* is a low bush berry from the cranberry family dried with a cutting edge drying technology.  The powder does not contain preservatives or oxidation preventing agents and is 100% chemical free. 


The rich warm red color is completely natural and adds a beautiful hue to desserts, creams and icings.  It is also a complementary companion to wild game dishes such as Turkey, Duck, Moose and Caribou. 


The partridgeberry is tart tasting and quite refreshing added too Ossetra's Blue-drop Iceberg water.  Partridgeberries contains high Anti-oxidant values and is used as an extract in our Ossetra skincare products or as a great additive to our pristine body care ritual products. Re-sealable packaging.


*Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity (ORAC) value is 610.00 micromole Trolox equivalents per gram dry weight. 1 Gram of dry powder = 12 Grams of raw berries.

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