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Seaweed Slimming Cream

Seaweed Slimming Cream

C$74.50 Regular Price
C$55.88Sale Price
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Holiday Sale 2023

Size: 200ml

Features: Our highly effective slimming body cream helps to firm, tone and detoxify while a variety of oils and butters leaves a protective skin barrier.  


Ossetra’s Slimming Cream is also enriched with vitamins to help with cellular skin repair helping to eliminate dimpled skin on the thighs and upper leg areas. The seaweed extract helps to detoxify and stimulate lipids to help diminish fat cells and the appearance of cellulite.


This detoxifying cream helps to localize and concentrate on problem areas such as thighs, buttocks and stomach areas to help improve the skins elasticity and texture. Best suited for all skin/body types.

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