Fresh Environment. Pure Water. Clean Air. All Natural.

Iceberg Cosmeceuticals (I.C.) Spa Products is the first skincare company in the world to use Iceberg water in its formulations. We create pure products from our natural environment, born in a northern land - one where glistening icebergs dot the horizon every spring, where the Northern Lights motion in a dazzling display across the evening sky, and where sleepy beds of seaweed float on the current, painting the water with bright, natural color. This is the place I.C. Spa Products calls home and where earth and ocean co-exist in harmony.

Our company promotes whole health and we strive to provide products that cleanse, refresh, rehydrate and replenish enhancing your health, beauty and happiness.

Our product lines include:

Ossetra® Iceberg Skincare Wondrous Earth is 100% all natural/organic skin care conceived and formulated from natural molecules. Our products are based on Iceberg Water, high anti-oxidant berry’s, seaweed, shellfish, glacial mud, botanical plants.

Okowita™ is the only men’s skincare line available worldwide that uses Sedna Vodka using an Iceberg water base as an ingredient to assist in helping the toughest and roughest skin become clear and smooth.

Okocim™ Iceberg Beer products feature Newfoundland indigenous ingredients including iceberg water and 3 other natural ingredients; barley, hops and yeast from Quidi Vidi Brewery, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. This pure and natural Iceberg beer product is a component in our skin and hair products and contains B vitamins and saccharides, which help purify and renew the skin and hair while locking in moisture.